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Modules for Experiments
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in Stellar Astrophysics

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The MESA Manifesto discusses the motivation for the MESA project, outlines a MESA code of conduct, and describes the establishment of a MESA Council. Before using MESA, you should read the manifesto document. Here’s a brief extract of some of the key points

Stellar evolution calculations remain a basic tool of broad impact for astrophysics. New observations constantly test the models, even in 1D. The continued demand requires the construction of a general, modern stellar evolution code that combines the following advantages:

Users are encouraged to add to the capabilities of MESA, which will remain a community resource. However, use of MESA requires adherence to the MESA code of conduct:

There are a few defined roles in the MESA community.

1st Author

The 1st author is the primary developer of MESA and the first author on the MESA instrument papers


Current developers:

Past Developers:

The group of MESA developers consists of those engaged in working towards the shared missions outlined here:

Fire Running Pink 601 Purple Trail Shoes Grand Girls' NIKE 834363 Steward MESA

There are many ways this will be done: supporting the contributors, maintaining the web access and web page updates, seeking enabling funding, holding yearly working groups that allow for continued engagement, documenting MESA development in the refereed literature, and sustaining advanced development.

Interface with the User Community

This starts with answering questions from users, developing a way to accept new code in an integrated fashion, maintaining a user registry, and identifying new MESA developers from those most active and engaged in the intelligent use of MESA.

Enable Scientific Research and Education with MESA

Promote MESA and its goals, e.g., through scientific contributions at relevant conferences. Identify science opportunities that match MESA capabilities and facilitate and encourage appropriate collaborative activities. Track the science carried out by the community with MESA.